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Portfolio Home Plans


Under the conditions set forth in this document. The minimum working drawings shall meet all the following conditions.

  • Ownership of original plan. Designer represents and warrants to Portfolio Home Plans that the Designer is the sole owner of all plans submitted for approval and published within Portfolio Home Plans Plan Database.
  • The Designer can testify that all work submitted and published to Portfolio Home Plans is the Designer's original work of authorship and do not infringe upon any copyright or other intellectual property rights of any third party. The designer has legal authority to grant Portfolio Home plans the right to publish and market submitted plans through our digital home plan library which shall be shared among our network of re-sellers. Designer understands that all intellectual property and copyright works will remain ownership of the original designer.
  • All Marketing and promotions will be conducted in connection with Portfolio Home Plans Digital plan Library.
  • All plans submitted for marketing shall conform to one or more of the following building code councils: (International Residential Code 2003 or greater), The council of American Building Officials, Building Officials & Code Administrators International, Inc., International Conference of Building Officials, and Southern Building Code Congress International.


  • Designer agrees to defend and hold Portfolio Home Plans(including without limitation Portfolio Home Plan's affiliated publishers-re-sellers licensees, entities and joint ventures and its and their respective directors, officers, agents, employees and representatives and shareholders) harmless from all losses, damages, fines, judgments and claims (Including reasonable attorney fees and expenses) that may be brought against Portfolio Home Plans as a result of any actual or alleged infringement of any copyright, trademark or other right of any third party or otherwise as a result of its provision of licensed content or sales of stock plans.


  • Licensee's printworks and published material are collective works defined by section 404 of the Copyright Act of 1976 and pursuant to and in accordance with such contain a copyright notice sufficient to invoke the provisions and protections contained therein thus protecting the individual copyrights of contributing licensors. Licensee reserves the right to omit licensor's individual copyright notice, without liability to licensor or any third party within Portfolio Home Plan's network of re-sellers, in all artwork and on all print or electronic pages on which licensed content appears.

Each set of working drawings submitted for approval and all connected material in which is marketed through our database must conform to the minimum specifications outlined below. Any specifications that exceed our minimum requirements listed below is not required to be removed unless owner deems necessary.



  • (Minimum scale is 1/4" to 1'-0")
  • Foundation must be complete with dimensions.
  • Basement Layout and details where applicable
  • All concrete footings, pad, foundation walls and floor slab sizes may be noted in a manner labeled as per local conditions.
  • All post structural information and supporting beam may be noted in a manner labeled support as required.
  • Common Floor Joist spans should be noted by size and direction.


  • (Minimum scale is 1/4" to 1'-0")
  • Floor plan must be complete with dimensions.
  • All structural information and supporting beam may be noted in a manner labeled as required.
  • Common Ceiling Joist spans should be noted by size and direction. Supporting beams may be noted in a manner labeled support as required.
  • Windows and doors shall be clearly labeled on plan and/or elevations also may be referenced to separate schedule.
  • Permanently installed fixtures shall be indicated (Cabinets, Built-Ins, Plumbing fixtures, Water Heaters and Return Air Locations.

exterior Elevations

  • (Minimum scale is 1/4" to 1'-0") Front Elevation
  • (Minimum scale is 1/8" to 1'-0") Rear, Left and Right Elevation
  • Indicate all exterior finish materials
  • Finished Floor lines with vertical dimensions
  • Window and door sizes and opening direction (Unless indicated on floor plan or schedule).

Roof plan

  • (Minimum scale is 1/8" to 1'-0")
  • Perimeter roof lines, Hips, Valleys and Ridge locations.
  • Roof Pitch(s)
  • Rafter Plan Spacing and general specifications (Unless engineered roof trusses).

cross section

  • (Minimum scale is 1/4" to 1'-0")
  • Building cross section (At least one full cross section through house unless providing separate foundation detail with separate cornice detail.
  • Basic cabinet elevations and details.
  • Applicable stair section including head clearance with (tread, riser and floor to floor dimensions).
  • Cornice Details
  • Foundation Details


  • (Minimum scale is 1/4" to 1'-0")
  • Indicates schematic layout of all outlets, pole switches and fixtures